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Note from the owner: Stock footage is a lucrative business and is a means of making income on a continuing basis without any further effort. Although the acquisition of your footage is uncertain, it doesn't cost much to put it on the market. A small effort to log and submit your source material could result in a sudden windfall. Industry standards command $20.00-$25.00 per second for footage. Your commission on a few minutes would be handsome indeed. A prime example is some underwater footage  I have that a University wanted for an oceanography project. I made a quick $3,000.00 on that one project. Admittedly, those opportunities are rare but if your footage is not available it won't be sold. Remember the old adage, "Unseen, Untold, Unsold."  Submit your footage now!!

Stock footage is available here.  Price to be determined by purpose of footage by client, duration of clips, and scope of licensing. The following list contains file footage that is available for licensing to you.

HD: Acquired with a Canon XHA-1 HD camera. All filmed in the front range of the Rockies at 8500' in the area of Lake George CO at the M-Lazy-C Ranch. Scenes of wild west shows, cowboy mounted shooting, trail riding, and wildlife such as elk.  All filmed in beautiful Colorado.

Hi8 footage:

Underwater : A tremendous amount of almost anything one would desire as regards the marine life in the Caribbean. Sharks, manta rays, huge moray eels, exotic and unusual events and a host of marine life all contribute to one of the best sources of underwater footage available anywhere. High quality footage can be delivered in most any format.

Horseback in grizzly country, British Columbia, Canada :  Sheer trails, rippling streams, the beauty of the Alpine valleys, and plenty of horses make up the bulk of the footage of this incredible scenery of the Kootenay mountain ranges that border the Banf National forest.

Life on the farm: An assortment of unusual events, dogs, puppies, chickens, Purple Martins, horses and other wildlife.

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