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Now converting all videos to windows movie files.(.wmv) Please be patient as we make the changes.

View a sample of our streaming video: M-Lazy-C Ranch  promotional video 5 min's and 32 sec's

or watch "Horses in Hailstorm" Amazingly there were no injuries to the horses whatsoever!!


Message from Gary Bain, owner of Video Explorers® and Video Explorer® :  Initially, I will publish and stream videos from my years of archival footage I have obtained in my various adventures.  I hope you enjoy these as well as upcoming member videos. A short story will accompany each video.  A list of my videos may be seen below in the Video Explorer® Directory. These will be in a constant state of upgrading so bear with me on completed projects. Videos that are for sale are on the home page.

The links above, or below in the Video Explorer Directory, will take you to a written description or story of the individual videos. Accompanying the text will be a link to the video. The videos are being upgraded soon to .wmv for much higher resolution and faster streaming. We will strive to stay up with the ever evolving technology in order to make the best presentations possible.

  We invite your feedback so that we can create the most user friendly site as possible. We  would also like to present and stream your videos as well. For more information or to send feedback, e-mail

Your Videos:  At this time I am also willing to upload, publish, and stream your videos at no cost to you. As this is a family oriented website your content must be without an agenda, no political or religious messages, and should be wholesome, educational, adventuresome, and/or entertaining.  Simply e-mail  for  how to submit your videos. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Directory of  VIDEO EXPLORER®  streaming Videos : To read the stories and to view videos, click on navigation bar above, or the following links. The below videos were produced using Real Producer and are best viewed on the Real Player. They will soon be converted to better web streaming videos.

           GOLD PROSPECTING  -Videos of trip to Ganes Creek, Alaska

            LUCKY DOG - The Horse Trainer and snake charmer!!

           HORSES - Gary and Barbaras' paint horses

          PURPLE MARTIN RESCUE - This is a story about raising baby Purple Martins and returning the rescued birds to the wild.

           STRANDED IN THE PACIFIC - A true life adventure, filmed as it happened. Thirty two days without seeing land.

           THE VACATION FROM HELL - Horseback in the wilds of British Columbia, Canada

            RESCUE IN "NAM- A night rescue from the South China Sea and a rescue from the jungles of Laos

            Underwater videos preview:     Descriptions of these videos may be seen under "Products"    

           "Night Creatures of the Coral reefs" and "The Creatures of Bloody Bay"                                                


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