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Comments and titles by: Gary Bain

My week one: June 22-June 28

gcgroupone.jpg (42267 bytes)

Digital photo by one of the Clark family and scanned to my computer.

Top row, L to R, Dan, Mike, Pete,  Lucy, Doug, Gary, Dale, Susan, Tris, and Don

Bottom, L to R, Gerry McMullen, Mark and his mom, Bonnie


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gccabins.jpg (10716 bytes)  gcrainbow.jpg (39640 bytes)   marknugget.jpg (74723 bytes)   mark.jpg (74399 bytes)     gccrew.jpg (72294 bytes)   gcdalenuggets.jpg (60093 bytes)  gc22jun-29junnuggets.jpg (57615 bytes)

Ganes Creek cabins      Rainbow over camp     Mark 51.6 oz. Mark Tisler                 * Crew           Dale with 5+ ouncers     22-29Jun nuggets

                                 gcgerrygroup.jpg (30787 bytes)                                                                                  gcmikenuggets.jpg (124143 bytes)                           

Gerrys' group, L to R, Mike, Don, Tris, Susan, & Gerry                                                       Mikes' nuggets

* Crew is, L to R, Sarah, Kathy, and Dan Clark, and Dave Rankin

               gcgerrysfirstnugget.jpg (16891 bytes)                                              gcgerrysnuggets.jpg (64379 bytes)                                                gcgerrysnuggets2.jpg (57322 bytes)     

Gerrys' first nugget at Ganes, 1/2 ounce                               All of Gerrys' nuggets                                      All of Gerrys' nuggets again

The above images courtesy of Gerry McMullen


My second week: June 29-July 5

gcgrouptwo.jpg (29808 bytes)

Photo by one of the Clark family and scanned to my computer

L to R, Troy, Wayne, Gary, Dave, Tom, Rick, Lynn, Francis, and Paul


                           gcnuggets.jpg (20008 bytes)                                                               gcweek2nuggets.jpg (10728 bytes)

Nuggets found by Gary Bain during two week trip                             Total nuggets for second week


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