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Introduction to the owner of Video Explorers®            

Hello fellow adventurers!!  My name is Gary Bain and adventure has been a way of life for me. By design, by luck, or by fate I have experienced and survived some extraordinary challenges and events. From flying high performance jet aircraft in the United States Marine Corps to scuba diving the depths of the ocean and plenty in between, life has been a roller coaster ride for me. Around the world I have flown, sky-dived, scuba-dived, rode horses, explored, captained charter boats, produced movies and treasure hunted. And I haven't even scratched the surface of the things I would like to do, places I would like to visit and people I would like to meet. Survival has been the name of my game long before the television show!!

Although this web site is not about me I thought it would be interesting to share my adventures with an audience as a motivation for others to chronicle their achievements and/or adventures.  We all have a story to tell, some more exciting than others, but all of interest to a large number of people. It is the intent of the Video Explorers® concept to share these and your exciting or interesting events with the world.

The following list is a chronological sequence of significant events in my life, some of which will be subjects of real life drama and adventure.

*  indicates upcoming video production


1. Joined the United States Marine Corps. Attended boot camp at Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot in Beaufort, South Carolina. 1959

2. Sky-diving. Accumulated 126 sport parachute jumps while stationed at NAS New Orleans, Louisiana. Experienced three malfunctions that required the use of reserve parachute. 1962-65

3. Attended flight school at  NAS Pensacola, Florida, Meridian, Mississippi, and Kingsville, Texas. Received the coveted Naval Aviator  "Wings of Gold"   in April, 1967.

4. Flew 213 combat missions in Vietnam piloting the famous McDonnell-Douglas F-4 Phantom. Was forced to eject twice, one from an onboard fire and one from hostile action. Was rescued three hours after being shot down. Sustained broken arm and leg, recuperated at NAS Pensacola hospital for nine months. 1968-70

5. Was selected as one of the first ten pilots from throughout the Marine Corps to pioneer the AV-8A, the vertical take-off and landing jet, the Harrier. Was forced to eject from a disabled Harrier off the coast of North Carolina. 1971-77. Retired from the Corps in 1979.

6. Extensive diving off the coast of North Carolina on the wrecks of the Graveyard of the Atlantic. Took the first pictures ever taken with a 15 Millimeter lens of the German U-Boat 352 . 1979-80

7. Participated in the Marine Reconnaissance Survey of the USS Pickett sunk in the Tar River at Washington, NC. This was the flagship for  General Burnsides invasion of New Bern, NC during the Civil War. 1977-79

8. * With video camera in hand, trekked to the jungles of Mexico in the state of Veracruz in search of the most ancient civilization in the America's, the Olmec. At the ruins of San Lorenzo, I documented and have what is the only existing footage of the discovery of the tenth colossal head to be found there. The huge heads weigh up to forty five tons, were carved from basalt stone and represent war heroes or courtball champions. 1983

9. Moved to the Cayman Islands and captained a live-aboard luxury dive boat. Obtained extensive footage of the marine life there. Subsequently produced two award winning documentaries. 1987-1990

10. * Got stranded in the Pacific while ferrying a live-aboard dive boat to the Truk Islands. A true survival epic that lasted thirty two days. 1990. See videos and story at "Stranded in the Pacific"

11. * Horseback riding in Grizzly country in British Columbia, Canada. Incredible scenery and plenty of excitement. 1997  See videos and story at "Vacation from hell"

12.  Purple Martin Rescue. A human interest story of baby martins being returned to the wild after being rescued from a tornado that destroyed their homes. From one week old until fledging they were fed by hand and would later fly to me for handouts. They left for Brazil and I am anxiously awaiting their return. That is doubtful but I can hope. 1998 See story and videos at "Purple Martin Rescue"

Other than shark attacks, being in the eye of three hurricanes, one earthquake, three near drownings and totaling two automobiles, these are the significant things that I have experienced.  Now I want you to know, I didn't go looking for this excitement, It just happened to find me.  I am living a more sedate life now, enjoying forty acres in Oklahoma, with my lovely wife Barbara, my horse, a big garden and all my critters.   

Perhaps a bit philosophical but I would also like to attempt to motivate others to share their adventures or interests.  The Video Explorers®  concept has been a twenty six year dream of mine and it has not been without it's failings.  I have persevered in my belief that the concept is sound, that it is good and that it will only result in a better understanding of all things around us. It is so wonderful that in this day and age of high tech that we can correspond immediately around the world with anyone and everyone.  So go forth now, find some excitement, document it, and share it with the world!!


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