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Capt. Gary Bain USMC (Ret)

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My third ejection was from an AV-8A Harrier on February 11, 1977. I was one of the ten pilots selected from throughout the Marine Corps to fly and pioneer this incredible bird. Our first flights were started in May of '71 and I flew it until this ejection. My destination was Cherry Point, NC and was overhead Wilmington, NC when I flamed out. I was coming home solo from a routine cross-country flight and had departed Patrick AFB in Florida. The weather was just beautiful and I was just starting my letdown to Cherry Point when the engine quit. The Harrier glides like the proverbial rock without power. I was level at 15K when it flamed out and a couple of quick airstart attempts and I was pushing through 7K which was the recommended ejection altitude. I didn't hesitate, I requested ATC (Air Traffic Control) to send the helicopters and that I was ejecting. I pulled the face curtain and off I went once more.   tobe cont'd

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