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by Gary Bain  July 22, 2006

Barb and I went on a short ride to one of the more remote areas here. We were traversing a rough area on the shady side of a hill that was strewn with huge rock outcroppings. Barb suddenly asked me if I had seen that deer. Well, I guess I missed it but moments later I saw a small "Mulie" standing rock solid underneath a Ponderosa Pine. He wasn't much farther than 40-50' away. I was sure it would run before I could get my camera out, get it turned on, and set up for a shot. But, to my amazement he just stood there, not moving a muscle! I took a number of shots and then decided to get a bit closer. He soon moved off to our left so we slowly followed. He stopped no more than 10 yards or so and just watched us. He then slowly returned to the same spot underneath the tree and laid down. I walked a few steps back down towards him and got a couple of more pictures. What a nice little "Mulie" he was. If only all wildlife would treat us like that, what a ham he was. This was my most pleasant experience thus far in the wilds of Colorado.

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