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"Lucky Dog"     Written by Gary Bain

Lucky Dog is a rescue mutt of unknown origin!! She showed up at our neighbor's house and they didn't want her. Feeling sorry for the doggie we took her in. At the vet's it was noticed she had a huge scar running under her chest from side to side that had never been sutured. From the looks of it she was about torn in half. She's lucky to be alive, thus, "Lucky Dog" became her name. She was estimated at about eight months of age. Over the months this dog has proven to have many virtues, one of which was to reduce our overflowing chicken population!! She is a most incredible mouser also and our mouse problem has been diminished to the point we never see one anymore. Remarkably she also has learned to assist us in training our horses. Nothing around the farm escapes her notice, especially the coyotes, which she keeps at bay for fear of them nabbing one of her prize hens. The cats have learned to submit to her terror and they don't run away anymore but rather just lay down and get chewed on 'til she tires of it. Our yard gets roto-tilled every week or so while she's in hot pursuit of moles and talk about hot pursuit, we've clocked her at 30 miles per hour as we leave to go to work. Lucky Dog is an incredible animal and definitely a welcome addition to the humor factor around here.




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