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HORSES by Gary Bain

These pages will be dedicated to horse lovers, equestrians, and trail riders, and will provide links to other great sites. Video links will be posted below for trainers, facilities, veterinarians and other related horse websites.

Horses are one of Americas' greatest pastimes. Both in work and pleasure these great animals have contributed tremendously to the building of this great nation. And horsemanship is going through a tremendous evolution as technology is allowing the exchanging of ideas and techniques from around the world. The language of horses is becoming more and more understood as experts such as Craig Cameron, Pat Parelli, Monte Roberts and John Lyons spread a more gentle and humane method of training and enjoying horses. A great amount of effort is being put on the partnering aspect of owning a horse rather than just "using" them. If you are considering becoming involved in horses it would serve you well to learn about the behind the scenes work that is involved before the pleasure of riding begins. There is a tremendous amount of responsibility that goes along with owning a horse and their well being is tops on the list. Yes, they are rugged and can withstand tons of abuse but if you want a well performing horse, a safe horse, and a dependable horse, you will get out of it what you put into it. Whether it be for trail-riding, competitive horsemanship, or just to have a pet, owning a horse can be a truly rewarding and enjoyable experience. It is my hope that your visit to this website will be a help in getting you off to a great start with your horse. Happy trails always.



Craig Cameron:  I had the privilege of attending a demonstration By Craig and consider him a top notch pro when it comes to horses. I've been to a lot of demos and consider his style the most informative and entertaining that I've ever seen. Visit his website for more info, clinic dates, etc.   David is a Pat Parelli top rated instructor and has traveled the world helping people get extraordinary results with horses. I was an observer at a recent clinic in Oklahoma City and watched David as he performed his magic with the group and their horses. He is personal, most professional and I would highly recommend his services for anyone that is interested in furthering their knowledge about horses.

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