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Written by Gary Bain:

    Well, our horse population here at the Bain acreage just doubled. My wife, Barbara, and I took delivery February 11th, 2001 on two beautiful Paint horses, both weanlings. Pushing one year old they are both tri-color, one a filly and the other, a colt. This will be a new experience for us as we only had two horses before. This week has gone by without a major wreck so we are faring pretty good so far. Neither pony has been gentled and this is quite a challenge. Barb is working with the filly using a combination of training methods and I am using the target training method. Both appear to be working well but I must admit I had a head start as the colt had been handled more than the filly. They are both responding wonderfully and we look forward to posting pictures. The horses were purchased from Bobby and Judy Miller. They have a large acreage near Chandler, Oklahoma and have been raising Paints for over thirty years. We were fortunate to have found someone with their skills and abilities. Should you be interested in obtaining a Paint I highly recommend them. All for now.

Video 1: Our Paint horses - These videos were taken in July, after being in separate stalls since February. Needless to say, they were glad to be able to romp and frolic and be together. Training has been going exceedingly well. Both are very gentle and quick studies.

Training update December 9, 2001: The following videos will demonstrate how dedication and hard work can result in a well trained horse. After approximately ten months Barbara has transformed her wild and scared little mare into a very gentle and almost ready to ride horse. It is my opinion that the mild demeanor of Barbara's horse, "Angel Dear", is a direct result of almost daily doses of love and affection, hours of consistent training, and a steadfast determination to obtain results. Training a horse is inherently slow going, most often frustrating, and really tries the spirit of the horse trainer. With no previous experience in training young horses, I'm sure Barbara can view these videos with immense pride. She has used a variety of techniques from the books and magazines she has gorged on but probably the most influential aspect of her success thus far has been consistency. When you watch the videos, consider that some of the things that look so simple have actually taken hours, days and weeks to accomplish. Just to have a horse turn and face you is a major accomplishment, to say nothing of trotting on command! A bond has obviously developed with Barb and her horse and just as obvious is the trust the horse has for her. I might add also that the following videos were made in one thirty minute session, they have only been edited so as to put them on the web. Barb, I'm sure, would be more than happy to share her training techniques with you. You may e-mail her here at .

    Now for my training-or rather, lack of!! Barb has left me in the dust. My Paint, "Pony Boy", is nowhere near the collected and gentle horse of hers. I credit this to my lack of dedication to the tasks involved and besides that she cheated!!  "Lucky Dog" helped her. Watching her horse perform so well has motivated me to get busy and catch up!! I would be embarrassed to show us now but  at a later time, when Pony Boy is well polished, I will get Barb to video-tape us. I hope you enjoy these videos of Barb and Angel Dear and would welcome your adventures and ideas. Thanks and Happy Trails!!

Video  1: Introduction-Barb and "Angel Dear"   

Video  2: Intro to horse blanket

Video  3: Putting blanket on horse

Video  4: Cinching horse blanket

Video  5: Walking with blanket on

Video  6: Trotting with blanket on

Video  7: More trotting with blanket on

Video  8: Intro to saddle pad

Video  9: Getting saddle ready

Video 10: Showing saddle to horse

Video 11: Putting saddle on horse

Video 12: Cinching saddle

Video 13: Horse moving with saddle on

Video 14: Trotting with saddle on

Video 15: Trotting with saddle on

Video 16: Taking saddle off and Adios!!


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